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Glossary K

Keep calm under pressure

  1. How to Nail ASVAB Math without Formulas (ASVAB Secrets)

Key skills

Essential abilities or competencies required for success in a particular field or job.

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  2. How to Nail ASVAB Math without Formulas (ASVAB Secrets)
  3. ASVAB Arithmetic Reasoning: Solve Math Problems with Confidence (Crack It)

Keystone species

  1. ASVAB Science: Master Key Scientific Concepts (Science Made Simple)

Key strategy

A plan or approach designed to achieve a specific goal or objective.

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  2. Math Tips for ASVAB: Simplify Complex Equations (Boost Score)

Keyword method

A memory technique that involves associating new information with familiar keywords or phrases.

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  3. How to Remember ASVAB Topics without Note-Taking (ASVAB Secrets)
  4. How to Tackle Word Knowledge without Vocabulary Books (ASVAB Secrets)


The study of motion, including velocity, acceleration, and displacement.

  1. ASVAB Mechanical: Understand Principles and Applications (Master Concepts)
  2. ASVAB Exam Guide: Master the Essential Topics (Ace It)

Kirchhoff’s Laws

  1. How to Understand Electrical Info without Diagrams (ASVAB Secrets)

Know basic arithmetic principles

  1. How to Conquer Arithmetic Reasoning without Calculators (ASVAB Secrets)

Know basic mechanics

  1. How to Understand Mechanical Comprehension without Machinery (ASVAB Secrets)

Knowledge sharing

The process of exchanging information and expertise with others.

  1. Introduction
  2. ASVAB Study Group: Collaborate for Exam Success (Strength in Numbers)